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Ghostly Gallop Sticker - GLOW IN THE DARK

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In the wild west, there was a legend about the Ghostly Gallop, a mysterious horse that could be heard galloping through the night but was never seen.

Many cowboys claimed to have heard the Ghostly Gallop, but none had ever seen the horse or its rider. Some said it was the ghost of a cowboy who had been wronged and was seeking revenge, while others believed it was the spirit of a horse that had died in the line of duty.

One dark and stormy night, a young cowboy named Jack was making his way through the countryside when he heard the sound of hooves. He turned to see the Ghostly Gallop, a ghostly white horse with a rider dressed in black, galloping towards him at breakneck speed.

Jack was frightened, but he refused to show it. He stood his ground and pulled out his gun, ready for a showdown. But as the Ghostly Gallop got closer, Jack saw that the rider was not a ghost, but a woman in distress.

She told Jack that she was being pursued by a gang of bandits and needed his help. Jack, being a gentleman and a hero at heart, offered to escort her to safety.

Together, they rode off into the night, the Ghostly Gallop leading the way. The bandits were no match for Jack's gunslinging skills, and they soon reached safety.

The woman disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared, leaving Jack to wonder if he had just experienced a dream or if the legend of the Ghostly Gallop was true. But one thing was certain, Jack would never forget the ride of his life. #ghostlygallop #cowboy #wildwest

  • 2.5" Die Cut GLOW IN THE DARK Vinyl
  • Outdoor Durability
  • UV Protective Laminate (Prevents sticker from fading)
  • Vibrant Print Colors (Printed with Certified Eco-Solvent Inks)
  • Weatherproof Adhesive (will stick on snowboards, skis, surfboards, water bottles, anything that gets wet)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Recycled Backing Paper (easy to peel, silicone coated recyclable backing paper)

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