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Dead Man's Draw Sticker

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Once upon a time, in the wild west, there was a cowboy named "One-Shot" Jack. He was famous for his gunslinging skills in the deadly duels known as Dead Man's Draw.

One-Shot Jack was known for his lightning-fast draw and deadly accuracy. No one dared to challenge him to a duel, except for a brash young gunslinger named Billy the Kid.

Billy, eager to make a name for himself, challenged One-Shot Jack to a Dead Man's Draw. The whole town gathered to watch the showdown, placing bets on who would come out on top.

As the two cowboys stood face-to-face, the tension was palpable. Suddenly, One-Shot Jack draw his gun and fired a shot, but to everyone's surprise, Billy was still standing.

Confused, One-Shot Jack asked, "How did you dodge that shot?"

Billy, with a grin on his face, replied, "Easy, I dodged the bullet and caught the shot glass."

The crowd erupted in laughter as One-Shot Jack realized he had been outwitted. From that day on, One-Shot Jack learned that it was not just a quick draw that made a great gunslinger, but also a quick wit.

And so, the two cowboys became friends and rode off into the sunset, ready for their next adventure. #deadmandraw #cowboy #wildwest

  • 2.5" Die Cut Vinyl
  • Outdoor Durability
  • UV Protective Laminate (Prevents sticker from fading)
  • Vibrant Print Colors (Printed with Certified Eco-Solvent Inks)
  • Weatherproof Adhesive (will stick on snowboards, skis, surfboards, water bottles, anything that gets wet)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Recycled Backing Paper (easy to peel, silicone coated recyclable backing paper)

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